360º Build to Rent


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activum real estate consulting.

More than 25 years of Real Estate experience

Real estate leaders who offer services to the main Property developers, Investment funds and Servicers.

More than 25 years of experience in the sale and renting real estate assets.

Global business with local view.

Complete experience in managing throughout the real estate cycle.

The results of the financial year 2022-2021, the real estate consulting overcome the 3.900 assets sold.

More than 2.600 operations delivered and deed from its main clients in its last two years.

A portfolio management with more than 3.000 new construction homes.

Over than 90 professionals working in the sector.


acierta asistencia (Grupo Caser)

Vocation for service, solutions and customer service.

Multiservice company from Grupo CASER, specialized in real estate asset maintenance, Facility Management, added value services and renovations to particulars through Acierta Hogar Service.

Leaders in comprehensive maintenance Service of real estate and facility portfolios in Spain. Over than 100,000 services per year to Servicers, Funds, Managers, Property Developers and Real Estate assets owners.

Committed to building and property sustainability and energy efficiency, helping with the diagnosis of energy saving measures, execution of rehabilitation, advice, procedures and grant management.

Own team formed for more than 400 professionals and a wide network of partners, supported by fixed and mobile communications and the data processing system.

Over than 360 highly loyal multi-guild external companies linked to the Grupo CASER. Own guilds made up by more than 380 professionals working exclusively for the Grupo CASER.